WileyPLUS re-skin & mobile-friendly design

WileyPLUS is an online teaching and learning environment used in higher-education. It currently has around 17,000 instructor users and 500,000 student users per semester. This project started as 4 separate initiatives within the company:  1. update the visual look & feel of the site, without altering any of the existing architecture or functionality at this time;  2. create an updated, manageable html styleguide for the product;  3. ensure 508 accessibility compliance for users with disabilities using high color contrast and appropriate code for screen-readers; 4. make the site responsive for tablets and mobile devices.

WileyPLUS Customer Support

The business objective was to improve the customer support site so that customers can better utilize self-help as a first method of finding solutions to their problems, versus relying on Digital Solutions Specialists (a live person who is available to train or set up a course) or messaging Customer Support Representatives. By performing a heuristic evaluation of the previous support site, gathering insights from the Customer Support Reps and viewing customers' usage statistics, we enhanced the user experience of the site to a point where Digital Solutions Specialists are no longer used, and the number of requests to Customer Support Reps has been reduced.

An engaging eReader web application by Scholastic for students and teachers to use in class. While working at UX agency Catalyst Group I contributed to the UX design for this application. We met with the Scholastic team face to face to discuss their visions and capabilities. I helped to refine the design concepts and worked on the visual look and feel down to the details. We created a styleguide and any assets required for development. The application was tested with instructors throughout the process to validate the designs.

Student Assessment Tool

The goal was to propose a flexible and customizable assessment and reporting tool for students, instructors and school administrators. This was in direct response to addressing retention and remediation issues in the Brazilian Engineering education market. The team performed several rounds of testing of a proof of concept product with Engineering Students in Brazil, at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.

UX & UI design for finance

While working at Huge, I worked on a project to translate standard websites to tablet and mobile designs for American Express. At Wunderman, I worked on designs for a Citi minisite.

UX & UI design for e-commerce

I worked on some designs for Quidsi Inc. to finalize the "boutique" pet e-commerce site wag.com, as well as new design elements for diapers.com.

Lightwaves: Interactive Sculpture

A personal project while studying physical computing — I explored the concept of architectural interiors reacting to human movement. I designed a laser-cut pattern onto mirrored plexi and affixed the mirror facets to soft Tyvek material. A Kinect sensor detected movement, while servo-motors behind the mirrors created a flowy motion based on calculations of passerby positions and moment. The result was a shimmer of reflected light trailing passerbys.