WileyPLUS Customer Support Site

The business objective was to improve the customer support site so that customers can better utilize self-help as a first method of finding solutions to their problems. The reason behind this was that customer access to Digital Solution Specialists (a live person who is available to train, set up a course, or answer questions when needed) was planned to be greatly reduced, and most customers who had previous access to a DDS were being left to rely solely on the tech support site.

Surveying of customer support reps and DSS's showed that customers had previously contacted a DSS instead of support for a number of reasons: 1. they had a negative experience with the tech support site in the past, or 2. they found tech support's solutions to their requests for help didn't meet their needs, either in delivery method or in content. The typical usage statistics are: 4:1 student:instructor ratio; 30% of all instructors (of about 17K per semester) come come to the support site vs. 5% of total student population (of about 500K per semester).

By performing a heuristic evaluation of the previous support site, gathering insights from the Customer Support Reps and viewing customers' usage statistics, we enhanced the user experience of the site to a point where Digital Solutions Specialists and the number of requests to Customer Support Reps has been significantly reduced.

Previous Site (performed a heuristic evaluation to see what works and what doesn't):


Wireframes for new site:

Finished product: