Hi! I’m Ingrid. I’m a guide for well-being and experience design. I’m dedicated to helping you design the future you want to live in.

I aim to coach and consult optimistic changemakers to craft their vision focused on bringing well-being, peace, and natural harmony into their lives and surroundings. Problem-solving can only take us so far because it relies heavily on the past. Our future thrives on abundant creativity coupled with compassion.

To change minds, we dream unhindered, design relentlessly, and live by example

Even When we know it will take a long time

What I believe in


The first step to thriving is knowing what it is that we really need in order to feel uplifted and empowered. Well-being is important to consider for all the roles we may play—individuals, employers, employees, or citizens.


A striving for effortlessness and tranquility is the motivator and enabler to success. Attaining peace requires self-awareness, healing, and eliminating what doesn’t serve us. Achieving broader peace begins with peace on an individual level.

Natural harmony

A sustainable future depends on our harmony with nature. I enjoy infusing my work and personal life with natural elements, and finding inspiration from our various relationships with nature.

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My life experiences brought me here to you

Being an immigrant and only child in a military family, I adapted to changes quickly and often felt like an outsider, which I now know is a strength and not a weakness. I also got to experience different lifestyles and work environments. Later, being a jack of all trades but master of none really (always having too many interests at once), I found that seemingly disparate subjects, fields, designs, institutions, traditions, and world-views have incredible overlap, yet the differences create rich new possibilities. Seeing across broad views put me in the habit of zooming out to see the holistic picture. I seek to understand our motives and needs. What kind of future are we creating? What are we really striving for in the first place? What is our common thread? I have always adopted the optimism, resilience, and mindfulness of diverse mentors and friends, in pursuit of optimal well-being. I know for certain that a beautiful future for an individual, organization, and society requires first a vivid vision, followed by a mote of momentum, with a very agile approach to goal-setting.

Places I’ve studied and worked

I studied Engineering Design at Stony Brook University because I love to know how things work and how they can be improved. I later did a Master’s program at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP) for forward-thinking design skills in a rapidly evolving world. I’m never done learning and I enjoy taking classes whenever I get the chance, recently completing The Architectural Imagination from Harvard University Graduate School of Design, ExO Works from Exponential Organizations to help prepare organizations for change, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, 20 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Yin Yoga, and I take art classes at The Art Students League of New York.

I have over 10 years of working experience in the User Experience Design (UX) and Interactive Design fields doing design, research, and strategy. Some of the clients and companies I’ve done work for were TD Ameritrade, Wiley, Scholastic, W Hotels, Aloft Hotels, and Beiersdorf, among others. I teach yoga and lead a fitness class in my community, focused on stress-relief, by invoking strength and ease. I’m a member of Wellbeing Economy Alliance Citizens.

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“Logic will take you from point A to B. Creativity will take you everywhere else.” -Dr. Pinki Feinstein